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Name Hompage / E-Mail Experience with the trader  
Avi Birnbaum avi007@t-online.de very well
Björn Dürrbeck http://www.borntofly-bjoern.de.tl/ very well
Florian Murrer destructror@hotmail.com very well
Immanuel Fach immanuel.fach@gmx.de very well
Jannik Femerling http://www.janniksflugzeugsite.de.tl/ very well
Jonas Speel http://spottergott.de.tl/ very well
Marcel Vöse http://www.airliners.de.tl/ well
Maximilian Günther www.jumbo-passion.de.tl no trade
Mike safety-cards@gmx.de no trade
Mirko Tepper mite85@gmx.de very well
Nico Grandjean no hompage very well
Sebastian Wilke http://www.airline-safetycards.de.tl/ well
Tim Nicolausen http://www.timnicolausen.de very well
Tobias Wurm http://onlyaviation.de.tl/ no trade
Itamar Arruda Junior http://br.geocities.com/iarrudajr/itamar no trade Brasil / Бразилия
Oliver Devos devosafety@hotmail.com very well
Fernando Gil http://www.safetycardslatinamerica.com/ no trade
Rafael Alvarez Garcia http://www.safetymexico.es.tl/Home.htm very well
Sergei Novikov http://safety.mania.ru/ very well
Bernhard Frois http://www.safetycards.at.tf/ no trade
Constantin Klezl http://www.airlinesafetycards.net/index.htm no trade
Jan-Alexander Lück http://www.safetycards.de/ no trade
Markus Maurutschek http://www.safetycards.at.gg/ very well
Daniel Batschkus http://www.somesafetycards.de.tl/ very well
João Luís jpflyingphotos@sapo.pt very well
Jiri Priam bayguy02@yahoo.com very well
Christopher K. Spanni727@hotmail.com and Canadair.crj900@freenet.de very very bad  


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This is my personal Hompage aboute Airline Safety-Cards
My collection consists out of 510 different cards from 207 airlines. You will also find a lot of different tradable cards in my trade list.
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