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Airlines Aircraft Version Comments
Airbus A330/A340 1386:40a  
Boeing 737-600/700 01.06.2007 600/700A
MD-81/82/83 1386:8g  
Airbus A310-300    
Airbus A320    
Airbus A320    folder
British Aerospace ATP    
Boeing 747-400 Form SQA0425L  
Boeing 777-200 Form SQA 0430 F  
Boeing 777-300ER Form SQA 4118  
Boeing 737-400    
Boeing 737-800    
MC Donnell Douglas DC-10    
MC Donnell Douglas DC-10 07/98  
Airbus A320 1997  
Boeing 737-500    
Airbus A319 12/02  
Boeing 737-400 SBJ 02/98  
Boeing 767 JKK CM0023  
Boeing 767    
MD- 83 JKK /CM 0004  
Boeing 737-800    
Airbus A320 03/02 folder
Airbus A330 03/02  
Airbus A340 03/02  
Boeing 737-300/-400   paper folder
Boeing 737-800   ÖZGÜNCOPY-0.242.243 02 96
Boeing 737-800   GÖRKEM +90 242 322 45 14
Airbus A319 1008-13-17227  
Airbus A320 1008-13-16654  
Airbus A321 1008-13-16655  
Airbus A340-300 0608-13-22447  
Airbus A340 0503-13-22447  
Avro RJ85/100 1003-13-22446  
Avro RJ100 1008-13-01111  
Airbus A321 01/95  


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This is my personal Hompage aboute Airline Safety-Cards
My collection consists out of 510 different cards from 207 airlines. You will also find a lot of different tradable cards in my trade list.
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