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Airlines Aircraft Version Comments
tailwind Airlines Boeing 737-400    
Airbus A319 MAI/05  
Airbus A320 AGO/06  
Airbus A310 Maio 2006  
Airbus A319 Setembro 2006  
Airbus A321 Agosto 2006  
Airbus A330 Setembro 2006  
Airbus A340 Maio 2006  
Airbus A340 Fevereio 96  
Airbus A330 01.06.06  
Boeing 737-400 05/11  
Boeing 737-400 02/11  
Airbus A320 CFG300460-02 Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium
Airbus A320-212 TC300190-03 Condor Berlin
Boeing 757-300 TC 300250a-04 Condor
Boeing 757-300 TC 300250-03 powered by Condor
Boeing 767-300 ER TC 300021-03 operated by Condor

Boeing 737-700    
Boeing 737-300    
Boeing 737-700   Gravo Groep Tjasker Design Amsterdam
Boeing 737-400    
Tupolev Tu-154M    
TUNISAIR Airbus A319 01/11  
TUNISAIR Boeing 737-600 05/11  
Boeing 737-700 Issue 6  
Boeing 737-700 Issue 5  
Boeing 737-700 Issue 3  
Boeing 737-800 Issue 3  
Boeing 737-800 Issue 5  
Airbus A310-200 06/04  
Airbus A320-200 06/12  
Airbus A321-100 06/04  
Airbus A340-300 03/04  
Avro RJ70 / RJ100 04/03  
Boeing 737-400 09/04  
Boeing 737-800 11/05  
Boeing 737-800 02/04  
Boeing 757-200 EZ-A011/A012 Extended Range



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This is my personal Hompage aboute Airline Safety-Cards
My collection consists out of 510 different cards from 207 airlines. You will also find a lot of different tradable cards in my trade list.
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